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Normally, individuals who practice appropriate oral hygiene and go for routine checkups should not need fillings. However, tooth decay can still cause discomfort and pain in some patients. Consequently, untreated tooth decay can result in the development of an abscess which would require a root canal to be removed.

A tooth filling is a harmless and non-complex process that will effectively treat your tooth decay and often restore your tooth to adequate health. At Smile Works Dental, we have very good dentists capable of giving an effective white filling treatment within the hour. Give us a call today on 020 71834091.

About White Fillings

In most cases, fillings consist of the combination of some metals. Although these metals are completely harmless, some patients prefer the alternative of white fillings mostly because of its resemblance in colour to their natural teeth. In some other cases, white fillings are used for cosmetic purposes, for which the patients pay for separately.

One unique advantage of white fillings is that they appear natural in outlook and are made of composite resin (a tooth-coloured plastic combination filled with silicon dioxide; glass, and has been in use for dental purposes since the early 1960s). Originally, it was used only for the teeth that are visible when one smiles. However, the newly developed modern resin is greatly designed to fit anywhere in the mouth.

How White Fillings Work

Nowadays, composite resins are highly developed, thereby making them more preferable to conventional metallic combination fillings in terms of effectiveness and durability.

During a filling procedure, our dentists at Hartley Street London will start by meticulously using a gentle syringe containing a quick-acting, effective anaesthetic to numb the affected area numb. We understand that a lot of patients may have phobia for injections; this is why our dentists will apply empathetic measures to ensure that the process is comfortable to the highest degree.

After that, our dentist will remove any form of decay within your tooth through the use of a dental drill, and even any rough edges through the use of a rounded drill. Typically, this second drill makes a lot of noise in the patient’s head, but there is no need to panic; the effect is pain-free as a result of the effectiveness of the anaesthetic.

After the preparation of your tooth, our dentist will then apply the white filling, which will be attached to the enamel of your tooth. Unlike many years ago, when the white filling was just inserted, nowadays the bonding helps to keep the resin firmly in position.

Who Needs a White Filling?

For patients with the issue of tooth decay, our dentists at Harley Street London may advise that you consider having a filling, you can decide to choose a white filling instead of the traditional amalgam metal filling. We recommend this even more if you feel you may be uncomfortable and demoralised whenever you smile or laugh in public, and your amalgam metal filling becomes noticeable.

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On the other hand, we recommend that you consider having an inlay instead of a filling if your tooth is explicitly damaged due to an injury or decay. In this procedure, our dentist will help you replace half a missing tooth. Usually, this is done when a cavity appears too large for a filling to be applied but does not necessarily require a crown. Our dentists are highly qualified in this field and they will give you the best treatment services that you deserve. Visit our clinic today located at Harley Street, London.

What is the Time Duration for a White Filling Treatment?

Ideally, it takes a maximum of thirty minutes for our dentist to carry out a filling exercise, including time for you to be diagnosed and given anaesthetic for numbness. Tooth decay is usually detected during scheduled checkups, and it is even possible to execute a filling work during the same appointment especially if the dentist deems it necessary and if time allows for it. Otherwise, you may need to book another appointment for the filling work.

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