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Enlighten B1 Teeth Whitening in London

Enlighten teeth whitening is a dental process that is used to achieve a better result of B1 teeth brightness. It is a premium brand which is used for more difficult teeth whitening cases. When employing this method, both at-home kits and in-practice treatments are used. The results produced by Enlighten teeth methods are very impressive, and usually produce a bright, white pair of teeth for the users.

before teeth whitening 10 after teeth whitening 10
before teeth whitening 9 after teeth whitening 9
before teeth whitening 9 after teeth whitening 9
before teeth whitening 1 after teeth whitening 10

Reasons Why You Should Use The Enlighten Teeth Whitening System

As compared to others, the enlighten teeth whitening system is preferable. There are so many advantages attached to this system. Here at Smile Works Dental, our dentists advise people who need better results to make use of this process.

Here are some of the reasons why;

  • It is more convenient as no dietary changes would be made while using this treatment.
  • The whitening gels are more effective since the products are constantly refrigerated
  • Reduced sensitivity and pain during treatment
  • Presence of an anti-sensitive serum to help with the sensitivity
  • It takes a shorter time for the result to become visible, about 2-3 weeks.
  • It whitens the teeth up to 16 shades.

Pros Of The Enlighten Teeth Whitening Method

  • It boosts your self-confidence — you can smile without being overly conscious.
  • It helps to make a good first impression.
  • To give you a more youthful appearance.

Our Enlighten B1 Teeth Whitening Procedure

Here at Harley Street London, our dentists at Smile Works Dental follow a proven procedure when using the Enlighten teeth whitening process. Here is a progressive arrangement of how we carry out this process:


Your teeth impression will be taken using special equipment provided for that purpose. Our dentists will send the impression to the lab expert at the state-of-art laboratory where high-quality bleaching trays are specially made — using your impression, trays would be fabricated. During the waiting period, which is about 2 weeks, you would be given a special toothpaste by our dentists.

This toothpaste contains hydroxyapatite (HAP) which is exactly what your teeth need for protection and reduced sensitivity for the forthcoming process. We would advise you to use the toothpaste twice daily for its maximum function.

before teeth whitening 8 after teeth whitening 8
before teeth whitening 7 after teeth whitening 7
before teeth whitening 1 after teeth whitening 1
before teeth whitening 2 after teeth whitening 2


By now, the bleaching trays would be ready, and you can collect it. This, together with the whitening gel our dentists would give you should be used consecutively for 14 nights. You will also be advised to bring your whitening tray on your next and final visit.


You would undergo a 40-minutes surgical treatment. After the treatment, there will be an obvious boost in the colour of your teeth, and the treatment will also ensure that the colouring is evenly distributed and can last longer.

Note that in some cases, the teeth are still sensitive after the enlightening teeth whitening process. Our dentists at Smile Works Dental will tell you the best toothpaste to use to reduce and stop this sensitivity.

porcelain veneers before1 porcelain veneers after1
porcelain veneers after1 porcelain veneers after2


The process is totally safe and encouraged by dentists. However, one may experience teeth sensitivity after the procedure. This sensitivity can be controlled and eventually stopped by using anti-sensitive kinds of toothpaste. 

Enlighten B1 Teeth Whitening Cost at Our Dental Clinic in London

The enlighten teeth whitening treatment package in Harley Street, London begins from £650. If you need a full package B1 whitening process, you can visit Smile Works Dental at Harley Street, London.


A: No. Enlighten B1 process only whitens natural teeth. If you want your porcelain matching your new white teeth, you may have to change the colour of the porcelain.

A: Our dentists at Smile Works Dental in Harley Street, London, can make your teeth indefinitely whiter using the Enlighten B1 process! However, you may need to re-use your whitening tray and whitening gels, so be sure to keep them. You can also purchase more whitening gels from us at a lesser price.

before teeth whitening 10 after teeth whitening 10
before teeth whitening 7 after teeth whitening 7
before teeth whitening 3 after teeth whitening 3
porcelain veneers before3 porcelain veneers after3


If you reside within or around London, then you are in luck! Our professional dentists are available for you at Smile Works Dental. Our affordable prices and excellent services are irresistible.

Try our teeth whitening processes today. Our customer satisfaction is our priority.

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