Crowded Teeth Crowded Teeth
Crowded Teeth

Crowded Teeth

We must have seen cases of overcrowded teeth previously. It can occur at any age and to anyone. The appearance of a crowded teeth is not always pleasant, and it is also bad for the health of your teeth. Crowded teeth mean that the teeth are scattered within the mouth. Cosmetic surgeries are advised for people who have crowded teeth, especially children. Treatment options for crowded teeth include Veneers, Invisalign and other types of braces.

The most common type of crowded teeth is the bottom teeth. However, both the upper and lower teeth may require treatment if they are crowded. In this guide, we have put together some options you can consider before embarking on a treatment for both children and adults. We will tell you the causes, resulting problems and ways which you can use to fix crowded teeth. We also have some frequently asked questions about overcrowding in the mouth.


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Causes of Crowded Teeth

Contrary to what you may have heard, the eruption of the wisdom teeth does not cause crowded teeth. Although the growth of the third molar can be quite troublesome and cause a lot of problems, studies have shown that the force with which it grows is not enough to cause the misalignment of other teeth from their original position.

Some of the things that could cause crowded teeth include;

  • Having extra teeth
  • Different sizes of teeth
  • The irregular eruption of the permanent teeth
  • An underdeveloped jaw bone
  • Thumb sucking
  • Dummy sucking
  • Old age
  • Cleft lip and palate problems

Most of these problems can be spotted in children. However, the problems tend to worsen as children get older. When the shape and structure of the face begin to develop, the jaw also changes, causing the lower teeth to be displaced, and become crooked.

Problems Related to Crowded Teeth

There are some oral problems associated with crowded teeth. Asides the fact that crowded teeth are more difficult to clean, some other problems are;

  • Low self-esteem.
  • Unusual wear patterns on the teeth.
  • An increase in the rate of tooth decay
  • A large build-up of bacteria ad plaque between the teeth.
  • Gum diseases
  • Speech difficulty


There are different methods that can be used to fix crowded teeth. However, each method differs from person to person. The method you will use depends on how badly your teeth have been misaligned and how much you are willing to pay to get your teeth fixed.

For children who have crowded teeth that are severe enough to become a medical problem, the public healthcare centres provide free teeth treatment using braces. However, if the crowded teeth problem is a minor one, the children will have to undergo private treatment. In adults, crowded teeth treatment will have to be done privately since public healthcare centres do not cover the payment for cosmetic surgery. There may however be exceptions for extreme crowded teeth cases in adults that were not treated in childhood.

Here are some of the teeth treatment options that can be used for overcrowded teeth;


Braces are the most common treatments for crowded teeth. However, there are different types of braces to be considered, like fixed and Invisalign braces. Fixed braces are connected by a metal wire and bonded to the teeth. Fixed braces could be either metal or ceramic. Ceramic braces are clear and match the tooth colour, this makes them not easily seen and of course preferable by most people. However, children undergoing free public healthcare centre treatments are only given metal braces. The function of braces is to put pressure on the teeth which gently and slowly moves the teeth back in position.


Invisalign are invisible braces, and they work well on mild crowded teeth cases. This type of braces works by using a set of clear plastic aligners which are changed after two weeks, to move the teeth gradually back into position. Invisalign treatment for front crowded teeth is usually very quick taking about 6-8 months for mild cases, and 18 months for moderate cases. Due to the transparent appearance of Invisalign braces, they are hardly noticed.

Invisalign braces work for about 90% of orthodontic cases; the remaining 10% might just have to use fixed braces. Our dentists at Smile Works Dental will let you know if your teeth case is suitable for Invisalign braces.


Retainers can be either fixed or removable, and both methods can be used for mild teeth crowding. Retainers may be preferable to braces because they are cheaper than braces, and they require less frequent visits to the dentist. Also, fixed retainers are less obvious than braces.


Veneers can be used to fix crowded teeth that are not too severe. To fix a veneer, our dentists here in Harley Street, London, will first scrape away some of the enamel on the existing tooth and apply a composite over it. Veneers do not actually straighten the teeth; they only make the teeth appear straighter by covering the crooked parts. Veneers can improve the appearance of your teeth, but it rarely solves the problem of the underlying teeth. It may cause your other teeth to start crowding because the pressure moving your teeth has not been dealt with.

Veneers are not suitable for children. The cost for veneers are also not covered by public healthcare centres because it is cosmetic surgery.


If you do not want to use any of the above methods, you can consider having crowns fitted. This involves removing a lot of the tooth structure and fitting a metal cap over it. However, crown fitting is not the best method as it involves removing a lot of healthy teeth. Our dentists at Smile Works Dental will advise against using this method.


Fixed Ceramic Braces £2,000-£5,500 Additional cleaning and flossing while wearing 12-24 months depending on the severity Long term fix. Must wear a retainer afterwards.
Retainers £70-£135 Daily cleaning after taking out 6-12 months depending on the severity Long term fix. Must continue wearing at night after complete movement.
Fixed metal braces £1,500-£3,000 Additional Cleaning and flossing while wearing 12-24 months depending on severity. Long term fix. Must wear a retainer afterwards
Veneers per tooth Composite: £100-400

Porcelain: £400-£1,000

Normal oral hygiene One or two dental visits Cosmetic fix. Lasts 5-20 years.
Invisalign braces £1500-£5000 Daily cleaning of aligner and tooth after wearing 6-24 months depending on the severity Long term fix.
Crowns per tooth £250-£800 Normal oral hygiene One or two dental visits Significant loss of healthy. Usually lasts for 5-15 years
Tooth extraction £50-£350 (£62.10 by Public Healthcare Centres) After initial healing, no maintenance required. Usually one dental visit, maybe followed by braces. Permanent loss of a tooth. More space in the mouth for braces to move teeth into.


This depends on your personal situation. If you are born with extra teeth, it needs extraction. Sometimes, our dentists need to extract teeth to create space for movements by braces. Dentists differ — some may, and others may not need to extract teeth. Whatever the case, you are always entitled to a second opinion when teeth extraction is suggested for you or your ward.

They apply pressure on crowded teeth and pull them into their position. Invisalign braces work in the same way — the main difference here is that Invisalign braces are rarely seen. The time for treating crowded teeth ranges between 6-24 months.

Invisalign is very fast. However, the speed depends on your situation. Usually, the time range is from 6-8 months for mild cases.

This depends on your condition. Our dentists at Smile Works Dental carry out a test on you to find out the best brace for you. If you are more concerned about cost than appearance, then metal braces are the best and if appearance is a prority, then Invisalign would be very ideal for you.

You cannot! Do not try this. At smile Works Dental, our experts offer professional and affordable services. You can visit us at Harley Street, London, to fix an appointment with our dentists.

First, you can ask our dentists to show you before and after pictures of our previous patients. Also, a computer simulation can be done on you to show you how your teeth will look like after treatment.

No, it isn’t normal. Do not ignore the pain as it can be a sign of tooth decay. Visit us at Harley Street, London to fix the problem.

Braces are not always a permanent solution to crowded teeth. As you grow older, crowded teeth may reappear. However, if you notice an adverse change in your teeth soon after you change your braces, you need to revisit your dentist and complain.


As we age, the teeth structure also gets old, making teeth problems possible. If you have overcrowded teeth and you decide not to treat it, see your dentist to give you better oral hygiene tips and minimise your risk of tooth decay.

At Smile Works Dental, our dentists are very experienced and readily available to fix your crowding teeth problems. Visit us at Harley Street, London, to fix your appointments with us. Also, you can contact us on 020 71834091.

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