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Vivera Retainers

Vivera retainers are used for keeping the teeth in its new position after using braces. They are entirely transparent and removable. Vivera retainers are made by the same manufacturers of Invisalign clear aligners and a perfect fit for retention after Invisalign aligners come off.

This write-up promises to be informative. You can learn about all you need to know about Vivera retainers here.

Why are retainers necessary?

The teeth are always under constant pressure and more likely to shift back to their former position after an orthodontic treatment if a preventive measure is not taken. A retainer is used to ensure the teeth stays in that new position. The shifting may not happen at once or disfigure the teeth, but it is enough to make the teeth look unpresentable.

Vivera retainers are one of the brands of retainers that can achieve this correctly, and they are also aesthetic to wear since they are made of great design and transparent materials. An added advantage is that they are removable. You can take them off any time you want to eat or clean the teeth.

When Should I wear retainers?

There is no fixed time for wearing retainers. It depends on your sage and how complex your previous orthodontic process was. Importantly, you should be aware of is the fact that retainers help you ensure that the money spent on straightening the teeth does not get wasted after a while, wearing retainers should not be a problem for you if you desire to keep your teeth in the same shape after your treatment.

However, we have put together a recommended schedule for wearing retainers. They are as follows:

  • 12 – 22 hours daily for the first 3 – 6 months after treatment.
  • Only at night for the next 6 – 12 months.
  • 3 – 5 times a week after a year.

Benefits of Vivera retainers

There are several benefits of Vivera retainers some of which are listed below;

  • Long-lasting: Some retainers get damaged after a few months even when you handle them with care, but this is not so with Vivera retainers.
  • Strength: They are about 30% stronger than most brands of clear retainers. The retainer has to be sturdy of a retainer is an essential factor to consider because stronger retainers will help keep the teeth in place to avoid relapse.
  • Comfort: People are always keen on what makes them comfortable, and Vivera retainers are not only comfortable but inconspicuous.
  • Flexibility: They provide the much-needed retention flexibility required of retainers.

What Makes Vivera Retainers Special?

Vivera retainers are aesthetic and made of medical-grade plastic that does not get degraded after along time. They are hygienic to wear and more comfortable than other fixed retainers. Since they can be taken off to eat, it does not get stained, and there is no need for any stressful or long cleaning hours.

You do not have to worry about losing your Vivera retainer; you can contact our dentist at Harley Street, London to order for a replacement as it is never advised to go a long time without your retainer after brace treatments.

You do not have to use Vivera retainers only if you had Invisalign aligners. They can be used after any other kind of brace treatment.

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