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We are among the leading top Invisalign providers in Harley Street London, UK. We feel great pride in offering Invisalign treatment with special discount offers to correct the problems of your misaligned teeth and improving smile with a set of transparent clear aligners. If you stay or visit Harley Street or London area and have used search string “Invisalign dentist near me” for booking your free consultation, Smile Works Dental Clinic is the best place for you. We can help you to attain straighter teeth and correct your smile with Invisalign method.

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What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic dental procedure that can be used for getting your teeth straightened and improving smile. Earlier, brackets and wires had been the right option to solve the problem of misaligned teeth but now Invisalign can shift teeth to their actual position with the series of custom made removable and clear aligners. These clear braces are virtually invisible and transparent.

These invisible braces are made of a thermoplastic material to perform Invisalign treatment. These clear braces are quite similar to the trays of whitening method. There are a series of Invisalign braces that are customised for you and used in sequence so that you can move teeth into proper alignment.

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Different Kinds of Invisalign

Invisalign Full

The procedure can treat as well as correct complex teeth problems that might get more complicated than other kinds. The treatment with Invisalign full usually requires 12 to 18 months.

Invisalign Lite

This kind of Invisalign is used for the treatment of minor cases. The treatment generally takes 7 months.

Invisalign Express or Invisalign I7

These Invisalign clear braces deal with minor cases. The treatment requires the sortest possible time which is around 3 months.

Invisalign Teen

This type of clear aligners has particularly been made for the teenagers as their teeth are still developing. Some other features include – indicators to denote the level of success of the treatment and aligner trays when one of them is misplaced.

What kind of dental problems can be solved with Invisalign?

Invisalign can help in treating several dental problems:

  • Crossbite : This will take place when both your upper and lower jaws get misaligned causing bone loss, periodontal disease and teeth degradation.
  • Underbite : It might lead to deficient upper teeth in your jaw thus, causing inappropriate bite issues. This will prevent proper functioning of your front teeth and cause severe jaw pain.
  • Overbite : This is when your upper jaw is out over your lower jaw. Over bite can be the reason for wearing of teeth on your lower jaw, gum and joint problems.
  • Open bite : An open bite takes place when the teeth in your upper and lower jaws do not meet together. Besides genetic factors, thumb sucking is another reason for an open bite.
  • Gapped teeth : The gaps in between your teeth might take place due to unwanted jawbone growth or lack of surrounding teeth that enables them to shift in the created space. Your gapped teeth can be the reason for lead to gum disease and periodontal disease.
  • Crowded teeth : Your crowded teeth can become crooked, if not treated on time. It can be quite difficult to clean your misaligned teeth that may lead to plague, gum disease and tooth decay.
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dental problems can be solved with Invisalign

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Benefits of Clear Braces

Unlike the traditional braces, Invisalign is a great option to straighten your crooked or misaligned teeth. However, Invisalign provides several benefits over the traditional braces in teeth straightening that consist of:

  • Almost invisible – Invisalign aligners are almost invisible inside your mouth. It is just impossible for others to detect you are wearing them unless you inform about it.
  • Easy to wear – These trays are made of smooth and flexible plastic. Unlike brackets and wires, the trays seem to provide greater comfort level for your cheeks, lips and gums.
  • Deliver quicker results – When compared to different types of conventional teeth-straightening methods, Invisalign delivers quicker results. The braces require nearly 12 to 18 months to provide the best possible results, on an average. For less complicated cases of teeth straightening, Invisalign treatment may show the results within a few weeks.
  • Comfortable to remove – One of the benefits of wearing Invisalign is that it can be incorporated easily with your lifestyle. These aligners can be removed easily so that you can enjoy your favorite food and drink during the treatment period.
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How does Invisalign braces work?

You have to wear the aligners for a minimum of two weeks before you need to change next one in the series. This will progressively shift teeth to their desired position till they accomplish their desired place. We will look closely on the progress to ensure your teeth are shifting properly and in the right direction.

How does Invisalign Work

How does Invisalign Work? and how to get Invisalign in London

It is extremely important to wear clear aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours daily in order to get the best possible results. You can remove them when eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. Thankfully, this means you can carry on enjoying your favorite foods and drinks during the treatment. This will enable you to improve your oral hygiene by ensuring beautiful and healthy smile.

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Invisalign Treatment Process - Step by Step

  • Visit our Invisalign provider – At the first appointment, your provider will help in selecting the right course of the treatment. He will take your teeth impressions and then send them for planning and production of customised aligners.
  • Make your customised braces – With the latest 3D imaging, our experts will modify tooth impressions into customised series of clear and removable aligners. Your bite should be looked at and then corrected, if needed. There might be at least 30 in the series or less than 12, depending on your need.
  • Obtain your set of clear aligners – During the next visit, you are provided with the first set of aligners. You need to talk to your Invisalign provider who gives additional sets to wear before going for your next visit.
  • Wear your braces properly – You need to wear each aligner for at least two weeks and remove them only when brushing, flossing, eating and drinking. You will have to visit a dentist in every six weeks to determine whether the procedure is progressing ahead. The treatment timing depends from 6 to 18 months.
  • Complete your treatment from our provider – The treatment will come to an end when you wear each aligner as per the timing of your provider. If you want to restore confident smile, then make sure you place fixed retainers and wear removable retainers at night for six months and then a few times a week, as suggested by your Invisalign provider.

What is the time needed for Invisalign during teeth straightening?

The treatment timing for Invisalign usually requires 12 and 18 months, though this can differ for everyone. At the initial booking session, the Invisalig provider suggests choosing the right type of aligners and then decides upon the time required for the procedure. When you are in need for a customised treatment procedure, it is suggested to get in touch with our dentists at Smile Works Dental.

Aftercare for your Invisalign method

You need to wear the retainers after performing Invisalign successfully. This will ensure your teeth do not sink back at their initial position after you do not have to wear these aligner trays. But Invisalign aftercare is much more than wearing the clear braces.

  • Make sure you brush and floss daily: After the Invisalign method is done, you have to brush teeth two times daily with a fluoride toothpaste as well as floss regularly. If the teeth have become prone to the cavities, then choosing a fluoride based mouthwash can be of great help. These are routine dental works needed for oral hygiene habits and so, you should deal with them easily.
  • Come to our clinic for mouth cleanings and routine checkups: Routine cleaning of your teeth is a vital aspect for Invisalign aftercare. It will also ensure the accumulation of plague in the mouth gets removed as it can lead to gum disease.
  • Maintain a well-balanced diet: There isn’t any option to your balanced diet in order to keep the teeth and gums strong and healthy after performing teeth straightening with Invisalign. You can add green and leafy vegetables as well as fresh fruits in the daily diet. Also, you may take dairy products which have low fat content in them. Try to reduce the intake of sweets and drinks for post-Invisalign straightening of your teeth.
  • Use mouth-guard at the time of playing sports: Different outdoor activities or contact sports will make you highly prone to oral problems. Wearing a mouth-guard is an effective method to keep your teeth and jaws protected from dental suffering.

Differences between Traditional Braces & Invisalign


  • Invisalign is completely unnoticeable and clear
  • Ability to clean gums and teeth properly
  • Eat and drink whatever you want
  • Remove aligners during some special occasions and wear for at least 20 to 22 hours daily
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Traditional braces

  • These are exposed metal or unattractive white braces
  • The fixed braces can be removed only by trained professionals
  • Brushing your teeth requires a lot of effort
  • Food choices can be restricted during the treatment
  • Routine check-ups in every 3-8 weeks and proper maintenance in case wires or brackets break
Invisalign teens - Smile Works Dental

Invisalign for Teens - Smile Works Dental

Invisalign Cost in London

The cost of Invisalign is based on the works to be done. You will have to fix an appointment with Dr Siavash Mirfendereski, who is an accredited Invisalign provider to discuss your exact requirement. We provide exclusive discounts from time to time at our clinic on all Invisalign treatments in London.

Special Offers on Invisalign at Smile Works Dental

At Smile Works Dental, we have launched a special offer upto £1200 discount on all our Invisalign treatments. This offer will be valid till the end of this month. You may book your appointment today to enjoy our latest Invisalign deals.

Why Choose Us for Your Invisalign in London

We are your trusted Invisalign Provider in London

We are proud to be a respected Invisalign provider in London. Our team of Invisalign providers has helped many people achieve straighter teeth and improve their smiles.

Flexible Finance Options Available at Our Dental Clinic

0% finance for 12 months:

If you would prefer to pay on a monthly basis, then we can provide 0% interest-free credit for 12 months. After getting finance confirmation, (we will send you a link) you may begin your treatment.

Payments in three instalments:

A non-refundable payment of £300 will be requested at the first appointment when we take the impressions we need for your Invisalign braces. Another payment will be taken at the third appointment and the final payment after the aligners have been fitted.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign

Invisalign is a suitable method for straightening teeth when you are having misalignment issues that might range from mild to moderate. Get in touch with us to discuss anything related to Invisalign treatment from our experts,.

You will initially find a slight lisp when speaking but you will get used to your aligners in the next few years. Thus, you will be able to speak confidently with the aligners inside your mouth.

If you lose one or two aligners, get in touch with our Invisalign providers right away. Our experts are always there to provide a suitable solution and prevent your teeth to shift from its actual position. Your provider might even suggest moving your teeth straight to the next set of aligners.

Invisalign attachments are tiny tooth-colored buttons attached to your teeth to make the movement possible into their desired direction. You need to wear these buttons when asked by your provider.

Yes, after you are done with the treatment, you will be provided with fixed or removable retainers to hold your teeth into their newer position.

If you are interested in getting more information about Invisalign, we are more than happy to find you for a free no-obligation consultation. We will go through your questions carefully and determine whether Invisalign is the right option for you. We will help you to discover other options so that you get all the information needed for taking an informed decision.

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