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At Smile Works Dental our emergency dentists in London is alwasy there for you to help you during dental emergency. We know dental emergencies are very painful so that we are offering out-of-hour emergency dental services. Our team of dentists would be glad to provide dental attention to you. Indeed, the unexpected can happen to anyone at the least expected time, including emergency dental issues and when this occurs, it can be a painful and stressful experience and all you will ever want are possible solutions on how to resolve the issue.

At Smile Works Dental Clinic, our emergency dentists are always available to resolve all emergency dental issues at an affordable and competitive cost. Call us now on 020 71834091 to schedule an appointment with our emergency dentists in Harley street, London.

Our primary goal is to provide immediate dental treatment and pain relief to our patients so that they don’t suffer in pain for so long. Our emergency solution is only a call away any time, day or night.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is generally a condition that causes pain, distress, loss of function to the affected patient. However, dental emergencies are often known to occur at the least expected time, and we at smile works dental clinic will be readily available to attend to your dental emergencies.

There are varieties of emergency dental conditions, varying from minor cosmetic issues with no pain to toothaches. Outlined below are some common emergency dental conditions.

Emergency Dental Treatments That We Offer Include The Following

What We Offer When You Visit Our Emergency Dental Clinic

  • Experienced and qualified dentists on call round the clock
  • Affordable and competitive dental care services
  • Immediate appointment with our experienced dentists day and night

Our dentists are all UK qualified and experienced, ensuring that all our patients are offered the best treatment and services.

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We Respond Promptly To Dental Emergencies

At Smile Works Dental, we understand all about dental emergencies, what they entail and how uncomfortable and excruciating it can be at times which is why our dental team is always on standby to attend to you whenever you call.

We run an out-of-hours dental service at our dental clinic to ensure dental emergencies can be attended to at any day or time. Whether it is a chipped tooth, syncope, inflammation of the pulp, tooth abscesses or a broken tooth, you can count on our professional dental team.


This is often the most common emergency issue we experience at our dental clinic in Harley street London. However, when they occur, they are usually related to changes in the pulp of the tooth. They may generally include the following:

  • Reversible pulpitis: reversible pulpitis is often characterised by a mild pain that is usually triggered by excessive intake of sugary foods and changes in temperature. When the pain occurs, you can quickly tell the exact tooth from which the pain is coming from. However, treatment will typically involve the removal of any decay. After the removal, our dentists will apply sedative dressing to the affected part.
  • Irreversible pulpitis: when irreversible pulpitis occurs, they are rarely linked to any causes or effect. The pain is usually long-lasting. You may also notice some unusual pain when biting.

When these two types of pulpitis are left untreated, they can easily lead to other dental complications.

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What can I expect after contacting your emergency dentist?

After reaching out to our emergency dentist, the following ensues;

  • You will be asked to provide your details — this includes your name and contact address.
  • An appointment is scheduled, depending on the preferred time.
  • Our multi-lingual customer service will provide you with detailed directions, along with parking information on how to locate our dental clinic.
  • Quality emergency dental care services are offered at your convenience.

How to Book am Emergency Dentist Appointment

If you are searching for emergency dentist near you, you can get in touch with us by calling us at 020 71834091, email us at [email protected] or you can also directly walk-in at our clinic for same day dental appointment

We are Readily Available to Take Care of Your Emergencies at Any Time and Day
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