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Teeth Whitening in Harley Street, London

Our experienced cosmetic dentists provide professional teeth whitening treatment in Harley Street, London to restore your perfect smiles and white bright teeth using treatments such as Enlighten Teeth Whitening, Laser Teeth Whitening and Home Teeth Whitening. Teeth whitening is one of the popular cosmetic dentistry procedures to provide great results for making a beautiful smiles. For those who want a sparkling white smile and to those who have been disappointed with the previous attempts to whiten the teeth Smile Works Dental have the solution. Whether you would like your teeth whitened in our dental offices or whether you want to do it at home, our professionals can help you achieve the best possible results.

cost of teeth whitening

professional teeth whitening treatments
start from

£395* upto £695

  • Gel whitening with trays – from £395*
  • Enlighten deep bleaching – from £395*
  • In Office Whitening – from £395*
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*Our dentist suggests home kit only and extra charge for an in chair session. This may not be included with any other offer.

It is important to know that teeth whitening will not be accomplished in one treatment. You may have to have several treatments, lightening your teeth by a few shades at a time. This treatment may also be carried out over several weeks.

Our patients often tell us but they feel tooth whitening done at home is not as good as having in-surgery tooth whitening. However, with the proper guidance and using enlightened teeth whitening a tooth whitening kit to be used at home can give an excellent tooth whitening result.

before teeth whitening 16 after teeth whitening 16
before teeth whitening after teeth whitening
Teeth Whitening with Veneers Before - Smile Works Dental Teeth Whitening  After - Smile Works Dental
before teeth whitening 1 after teeth whitening 1
before teeth whitening 2 after teeth whitening 2

Teeth Whitening treatments are available at our clinic

Reasons that teeth become stained or yellow

  • Drinking Coffee and tea
  • Cigarette smoking or chewing tobacco
  • Tooth enamel that has seen due to age
  • Eating a poor diet
  • Medications (Sam can affect tooth colour.)
  • Genetic influences
  • Fluoride administered in excess especially in a Child’s early years

Our experts will offer helpful suggestions with regard to any of these and other causes of clients stained or yellowing teeth. As well as dentists advice, dental hygienists can also point out foods, drinks and habits that are most likely to lead to discoloured teeth.

before teeth whitening 1 after teeth whitening 3
before teeth whitening 1 after teeth whitening 4
Teeth Whitening - Before 1
Teeth Whitening - After 5
Teeth Whitening - Before 2 Teeth Whitening - After 6

Benefits of tooth whitening:

  • A smile that is beautiful and makes you feel attractive
  • A boost to your self confidence
  • Improvement in oral hygiene and health

Cost of Teeth Whitening Treatment at our Harley Street Dental Clinic

Teeth whitening is likely to be within the financial reach of most people, however each clinic will have its own pricing structure and you would be best to ask the clinic you are thinking of attending, for their prices. At Smile Works Dental we pride ourselves on being extremely competitive in this area for example:

Private Patient Fees:
Teeth Whitening:

Enlighten Teeth Whitening


Home whitening



From £495

We currently have some excellent teeth whitening offers please ask our friendly receptionists.

before teeth whitening 2 after teeth whitening 7
before teeth whitening 3 after teeth whitening 8

Tooth whitening aftercare

The 48 hours after your tooth whitening are vital in producing the end result. That is because teeth, during the post-treatment period, can stain more easily. For that reason you will be asked not to drink coffee, tea red wine or any drinks or foods that are coloured. You will also be asked not to have very hot or very cold drinks because teeth may still have a tendency to be sensitive. Here are some other no-nos that you need to avoid to get the best results from your tooth whitening.

  • Steer clear of fruits better dark in colour like blackberries, black grapes or cherries
  • Do not take tobacco either to smoke or to chew (giving up completely will keep your teeth brighter for longer).

FAQs on Teeth Whitening

Does teeth whitening always work?

In fact tooth whitening does not always work which is why it is vital that you discuss your case with the dentist before you make a decision to proceed with tooth whitening. Brown stained teeth, for instance, will not respond well to whitening, and teeth with a great tone may not respond at all. Yellow teeth will respond the best. It’s also important to remember that the colour of crowns, fillings, caps and veneers will not be affected by tooth whitening treatment. If the discolouration of teeth is due to an injury or medication then they cannot be whitened.

How much does permanent tooth whitening treatment cost?

There are several options when it comes to tooth whitening but at the higher end of the teeth whitening range is Enlighten whitening. The cost for a course of Enlighten teeth whitening treatment will usually be around £495.

How is the cost calculated?

  • Evaluation
  • Planning and Consultation
  • X-rays (digital) if needed
  • Scans if necessary

How do I know which tooth whitening treatment will suit me best?

The dentists at Smile Works Dental in Harley Street use only the best market leading products and established tooth whitening brands that provide effective and very safe results. As a result of our attention to detail and insistence on the best, there is a lot of demand for our Philip Zoom and Enlighten whitening treatments.

porcelain veneers before1 porcelain veneers after9
porcelain veneers before2 porcelain veneers after10
porcelain veneers before3 porcelain veneers after11
Teeth Whitening before 15 Teeth Whitening after 15

How long can I expect the results to last?

Usually the results from a course of teeth whitening will last about a year. However provided every care is taken to avoid re-staining the teeth the results can last a lot longer if you brush and floss on a regular basis and leading a healthy lifestyle will go along way to ensuring you that you enjoy your new bright white smile for as long as possible. If you opt for Enlighten teeth whitening you can top up every month to maintain your white teeth.

Can I expect any side-effects from tooth whitening treatment?

Tooth whitening is a very safe procedure and does not have any side-effects although some patients do reports that teeth are sensitive for a while or that they feel a slight discomfort during the treatment. Anti-sensitivity toothpaste may be recommended for you if you do find yourself troubled by sensitivity of your teeth.

How do I know if I am going to be suitable for tooth whitening?

As long as you have healthy mouth with healthy gums and teeth you should be a good candidate the tooth whitening treatment. However, we always carry out a full examination prior to tooth whitening to ensure that there is nothing that would make the treatment culture indicated. To book your tooth whitening with one of our dentists

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