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Damon Braces

Damon braces are one of the best braces in the UK. They are one of the clear braces but liked by so many people. This set of braces stands out mostly because of its ease of usage and its ability to produce perfect results. Its self-ligating system has made it one of the best brands to choose from.

We have gathered a lot of information about Damon braces, why you should choose them, cost of getting them and all other information needed. In this article, we will guide you in making a choice on the most suitable braces to use.

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  1. Damon braces
  2. Comparing Damon braces to Invisalign
  3. What more you need to know

Damon Braces

Damon braces is a set of appliance that is used to straighten the teeth in modern orthodontics. They are made up of high technology brackets which are either made from ceramics or metals, and an archwire. In appearance, they look just like the conventional braces only that they are lighter. These braces use a high-class technology with low friction to allow the teeth move in a quick but gentle manner to the desired position thereby allowing you achieve the smile you have been longing for without pains.

Why You Should Choose Damon Braces

The following are reasons why Damon braces may be the best choice for you.

  1. The treatment time is shorter with Damon braces as the band and elastic in the conventional braces are replaced with the slide wire mechanism which works better and faster. This slide wire mechanism makes the teeth free from the strain caused by the elastics and bands.
  2. Since the brackets are made with ceramics, they blend perfectly with the colour of the teeth, thereby appearing less obvious when worn.
  3. These braces are still very comfortable to wear though they move the teeth out of their original position with great strength.
  4. The materials used are strong enough to produce quicker results.
  5. Oral hygiene can be easily maintained because their compact design allows for easy cleaning
  6. Healthy teeth are not extracted except on rare occasion, and this approach of treatment which is clinically proven makes the face have a fuller natural look without having to use palatal expanders.

Before your braces are produced, your orthodontist will have to send the impressions of your mouth to the laboratory for the production of the braces. Damon braces are precisely manufactured to fit with your teeth. This makes the treatment more effective. These braces after being produced are carefully bonded to the teeth with special glue; this is the fitting process. After this process, you may be asked to visit your dentist regularly (maybe once in every few weeks) so that the braces can be checked and adjusted if necessary.

Will there be a Tooth Extraction with Damon Braces?

Damon braces do not need a tooth extraction to create space. This is all because of the way biologically sensible forces are used by the system to function with the body’s natural ability to adapt. This makes the treatment a more natural process. However, there are cases where a tooth may need to be extracted to create enough space. This is always done with special consideration of the facial profile and balance.

What is the Cost of Getting Damon Braces?

The cost of Damon braces is largely dependent on the length and complexity of the treatment, but on a normal case, it will cost about £3600.

At Smile Works Dental clinic, we help our patients through an easy payment plan by offering them a payment process where they can take an interest-free loan which has its interest spread out for more than 6 months. You can contact us at our dental clinic in Harley Street, London for more information on this payment option. You can call us on 020 71834091 or ask with our dentist during consultation.

Comparing Damon Braces to Invisalign

The table below shows the comparison between using Damon braces and Invisalign braces for treatment.

Property Damon Braces Invisalign Braces
Clear / Virtual invisibility Yes Yes
Can it be used by everyone? Yes No
Are the results always perfect? Yes Mostly in mild and moderate cases but may not always be for conditions like severe crowding. Refinement aligners may be required towards the end of the treatment
Are the results stable? Yes though retainers may need to be worn so that the teeth may stay in their new position Not so stable compared to Damon braces but the use of retainers either fixed or removable will not allow a relapse to occur
Is it comfortable? You will need some time to get used to it, but they are generally more comfortable than the traditional braces The aligners may be uncomfortable for a few days, but they are generally comfortable.
Can they be removed? No, they cannot, so you do not have to worry about losing them. This is the reason results are quickly achieved Yes, this may help you eat anything you please. There is a possibility of these braces being lost or being forgotten to wear. This makes its time for achieving result longer
What is its cost? Almost the same as traditional braces £3600 Should be around £3000

Damon braces are very good for those that are not comfortable with the look of their teeth and want to rearrange them by all means. This treatment is very effective and can be quickly completed without so much discomfort, pain and aesthetic impact.

Damon braces are used for teeth straightening, and they are an excellent choice because it is very comfortable. We have qualified orthodontists to provide braces for those in and outside London at an affordable price. We offer Damon braces for those with crooked teeth and malocclusion. At Smile Works Dental, you can be sure of straighter teeth with a more beautiful smile with our innovative Damon braces.

What more do you need to know?

Braces, aligners and other oral devices need some times for you to get used to. They may feel uncomfortable at first, and a small lisp can be present for a few days with hypo- or hypersalivation.

The risk associated with orthodontic treatment is tooth decay and gum disease. This is because it is difficult to clean the teeth and gums appropriately. To prevent this from happening, it is advised that you keep a regular hygiene appointment with your dentist and use fluoride mouth wash regularly. You can use dental floss for better oral hygiene and for cleaning in between the braces and the teeth.

Retention: after the use of Damon braces, retainers should be used to hold the teeth in its place. These retainers (almost like clear aligners but they are not pressurised) may be removable or fixed. The fixed ones have a thin wire behind the teeth to hold them in their new position. These retainers tend to de-bond as time goes on and may need to be replaced. Replacing the retainers usually attract an extra fee.

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