Composite Bonding
Composite Bonding

What Is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a cosmetic technique that involves applying dental composite to the teeth to make it look better. It can be a fast and effective option for that perfect dentition you have been looking for. The process involves moulding the composite on the teeth to give the appearance of a better dentition. What is more? Composite bonding is fast and can be completed in just one dental visit.

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Composite bonding, Your dentist might suggest dental bonding as best option for your problem. Composite veneers involve fixing smaller problems in just a few of the teeth. At Smile Works Dental, our dental professionals are highly qualified and very capable of carrying out the job.

A composite veneer involves applying composite to any teeth or maybe the front teeth or even just one tooth. Although the veneers are made from a similar substance as the composite , the two terms differ. Note that composite and composite fillings also differ — composite fillings are known as back fillings for the back teeth and they cover all the surfaces of the tooth.

Composite veneers are very delicate, and even though they are less expensive than porcelain veneers, they should be done by an experienced dentist. The dentist must understand exactly how your bite works to ensure that the composite veneers last for a long time.

The above images categorise generic examples of the outcomes possible. Results can differ. The consultation will determine what is the best solution for you.


  • Saving your underlying tooth

Composite bonding does not damage the underlying tooth. The underlying tooth damage may take years to be visible. This means that any dentist can choose to fix your tooth with the intention of satisfying you now without actually caring about your future. Here at Smile Works Dental, our dentists are very interested in your dental health both presently and in the future.

  • Time-Saving

The process involved in composite bonding does not take much time. This is the best technique for busy people. If you are overly busy and cannot seem to find time for your dental health, this is a preferable option for you. In just one visit to Smile works Dental, our dentists can use the Composite Bonding on you to restore the health of your teeth.

  • Pain-Free Process

The process involved with the drilling of holes in teeth and extracting already existing teeth can be painful. However, the composite material used for this process avoids this pain as it does not necessarily need the filing and drilling process. In composite bonding, the composite material is sculpted onto the teeth. Methods that involve drilling the teeth to get the veneers fitted can be risky. Due to the risk and cost, our dentists do not consider these methods suitable for the best interest of your future.

The process of drilling the teeth can be very risky for your healthy teeth because and it can increase the chances of the teeth falling out. Often, problems like root canals and implants for the teeth can be as a result of this teeth drilling process. This is why it is more advisable for the dentist to use a less invasive method when doing teeth bonding.


For young people who have healthy teeth, having all your teeth replaced with porcelain veneers is a terrible idea. If your dentist constantly suggests this, then you need to be careful with your dental clinic. Using porcelain veneers is obviously an easier process. Also, it costs a lot than composite bonding. Composite bonding is also a reversible process, but porcelain veneers is not reversible as it permanently damages your underlying teeth.


Our dentists at Smile Works Dental ensure that a full mouth test is done on our patients before commencing composite bonding. This helps us determine if the dental bonding process is suitable for you. If you have healthy natural teeth that still do not look how you want them to look, our dentists here in Harley Street, London will be happy to use the dental bonding method on you.

When accessing a dental bonding case, it is important to find out the root cause of the case. If it is from long-lasting habits, then dental bonding may not be right as the bonds will soon go bad with the continuous habit.

The above images categorise generic examples of the outcomes possible. Results can differ. The consultation will determine what is the best solution for you.


Composite bonding is very popular in the UK, probably because it is less expensive than the other methods. For a single tooth, the price for composite bonding starts from £150 per tooth. The best combination to use here is whitening and bonding. Here, the entire teeth are whitened and then composite bonding is used to complete the edges, giving the user the most attractive smile.


The amount of time your bonding lasts largely depends on you. Looking after the composite bonding and taking necessary precautions will make it last longer. Usually, the composite bonding lasts for about 5-8 years. However, it is also subject to wear and tear. In a case where the user breaks the composite restoration, our lines are available to schedule an appointment with us to get it fixed.


Yes, it is. Composite bonding is one of the least expensive and hassle-free methods of getting your teeth fixed. The fact that it saves time and it is efficiently done by our dentists makes it even more preferable.

The above images categorise generic examples of the outcomes possible. Results can differ. The consultation will determine what is the best solution for you.


Here at Smile Works Dental, we have an experienced team of dentists. All our dental experts are well trained in communicating with patients and effectively carrying out our job.

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