10 Top Reasons Why Dental Implants Work Best 10 Top Reasons Why Dental Implants Work Best
10 Top Reasons Why Dental Implants Work Best

10 Top Reasons Why Dental Implants Work Best

Do you have a missing tooth or more? Why don’t you consider dental implants?

Dental implants are screws fixed in your jaw to hold your prosthetic teeth in place. In comparison to the other teeth replacement procedures, dental implant feels like the natural teeth and has a very high success rate which makes it a preferred option. let us have a clear picture of dental implants.

Dental implants: what are they?

Dental implants are small titanium, zirconium, or ceramicscrews that are placed in the jaw in place of the root of missing teeth. The bone surrounding an implant fuses slowly to the implant to hold it in place. These implants are also called abutments, and they provide support for the prosthetic tooth (implant support the bridge or crown when fitted).

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants look very natural

This should be placed as the main benefit. After the treatment, you will barely be able to differentiate between the natural teeth and those with implants. Ceramic implants have ivory colour just like the natural root of teeth and look better than the metal implants.

They feel like your natural teeth

People with implant teeth barely remember that they are carrying them since they feel just like the natural. The caring process is the same. You have to brush and floss them daily. The only difference is that you will avoid special adhesives and creams, or soaking overnight in a glass as dentures require. You will not even need to go for the regular filling like you would with a root canal treatment since the natural teeth are available to support the bridgework.

It improves your quality of life

Dental implants provide you with the rare privilege of eating whatever you want.However, you will have to avoid sugar and ensure your diets are healthy. With your new-found confidence, you can eat, smile, and speak because there is no chance that they will drop out or shift like the removable options.

They are a tested and trusted solution

At Smile Works Dental, we have fitted thousands of dental implants, and they have proven to be effective and have long-lasting results. They have boosted oral health and solved the aesthetic issues of incomplete teeth.

They are adequate replacements for many teeth

Dentists need to closethe gap caused by a lost tooth on time so that the other teeth and the jawbone will not be displaced. Using implant-supported bridges and dentures makes the teeth more stable than the conventional dentures.

They last very long; sometimes, they last a person’s lifetime

There is a 98% success rate and functioning of dental implants. They blend into your jawbone and receive its durability. With good hygiene and routine dental check-up after the treatment, they stand a great chance to last a lifetime.

They are the most cost-effective lifetime dental treatment

People complain that dental implants are more expensive than other treatment options when considering the initial cost. However, seeing that it is a lifetime solution, its price will be lesser per year than that of other options.

They boost your self-esteem

Incomplete teeth harm the self-esteem of people, and treatments with options like bridges and denture do not justify the case. With dental implants, the case is different. The resulting tooth gives a natural look and balances the smile. Since it avoids bone loss, there is a lesser chance of having a sunken facial structure due to it.

They do not hurt the health of other teeth

Dental implants do not cause adverse effects on the surrounding natural teeth. However, with other tooth replacement options, the adjacent teeth can become weak and more likely to decay.

They prevent bone loss

When you have a lost tooth without replacement, the bone in that area starts to degrade. Unlike the other alternatives, the presence of dental implants in the jawbone challenges the existing bones to rebuild themselves. When the implants promote healthy teeth, you will have lesser chances of developing dental fractures and other problems in your mouth.

Alternatives for dental implants

There are three alternatives to dental implants. They are:

  • Partial dentures - They are made of metal frames or acrylicplates to hold one or more artificial teeth. These are the lowest of all; they have a 40% chance of lasting up to five years.
  • Conventional bridge - This is an artificial tooth that requires the adjacent tooth to be cut for the bridge to fit. This can devitalise 32% of the nerve of the teeth, and if the bridge fails, it can compromise the health of the teeth.
  • Resin-bonded bridges - These bridges use metal wings on the adjacent teeth to hold the false tooth. It has an 88% success rate and can last up to seven years and ten months.

Though there are other alternatives to implants, dental implants in Harley Street at Smile Works Dental have significant benefits for both the long and short term. Before making any decision about which teeth replacement option will work best for you, do visit a dentist and see what works with your budget.