The Importance of Teeth Loss Treatment and Dental Implants The Importance of Teeth Loss Treatment and Dental Implants
The Importance of Teeth Loss Treatment and Dental Implants

The Importance of Teeth Loss Treatment and Dental Implants

Teeth replacement and dental implants go hand in hand. In fact with the introduction of ground-breaking implants technology, teeth replacement procedure has become easier than ever, says a renowned London dentist associated with Smile Works Dental. 

An implant is a tiny but heavy-duty metal post which is surgically placed into the jawbone to act as the root of your missing tooth or teeth. Biocompatible metals like titanium are mostly used to make teeth implants. In the course of time, the post fuses with the surrounding bones and tissues in the mouth. Artificial tooth or other dental prosthesis is firmly fixed on the implant post. As a result, unlike all other tooth replacement treatments, implants cater to both aesthetic and functional aspects of the lost tooth or teeth. With minimal care and maintenance, they easily last a lifetime as well.

Now that we have a brief idea about what a tooth implant is let us discuss the necessity of replacing your lost or badly damaged tooth or teeth is crucial in the first place.

Appearance and aesthetic appeal

Perhaps this is something new for you but it is true to the core. Lost or badly damaged teeth or tooth invariably creates severe emotional stress. Every living soul is concerned about his or her physical appearance and aesthetic appeal to some extent or the other. When you lose a tooth or teeth, your natural smile gets ruined. This not only erodes away your self-confidence but is also likely to put you in a state of acute depression. These factors affect both your professional and personal lives. Unlike any other tooth-replacement procedure, implants work and look just like the natural tooth. They are found to boost the morale of individuals with lost tooth or teeth. Moreover implanted tooth or teeth also prevents your jaws from decaying. This helps to retain your natural facial structure which is unlikely with convention teeth loss solutions like dentures and bridges.  

Sound dental health

When you lose a tooth, the neighbouring teeth try to fill up that gap along the jawbone. As a result, they shift away from their positions and may even get tilted. This can affect your normal chewing and lead to a host of other oral health-related issues over time. You may even lose multiple teeth because of this.

Missing tooth or teeth invariably cause depreciation of the jaw bone. Thus you look much older your age.

Optimum ease and comfort

With dentures and bridges, you have to stay cautious every time while taking a bite. You also have to be selective about your regular diet particularly to avoid hard food items. Conventional tooth loss solutions like denture and bridges offer no help on this aspect. Ground-breaking dental implants technology satisfactorily addresses these issues and ensure you keep enjoying all your favourite dishes just like before.

Smile Works Dental is a widely trusted destination for cutting-edge teeth loss treatment with dental implants in Harley Street, Marylebone. Please feel free to contact us or more information on teeth implants. It is important mentioning that we possess an impressive success rate in handling these cases.