Latest cleaning tools for braces to look after your Teeth Latest cleaning tools for braces to look after your Teeth
Latest cleaning tools for braces to look after your Teeth

Latest cleaning tools for braces to look after your Teeth

Do you think that regular brushing and flossing are sufficient to keep the braces clean and tidy? Well, this is not so as braces consist of different parts such as – archwires, brackets, metal bands, ligature that should be taken proper care all the time. This can prevent unnecessary problems in future. Make sure you brush after your meals when wearing braces and use a mouthwash for your healthy mouth.

Make sure you remove elastic bands before you brush or floss all the time. If you find it difficult to clear braces or you have just started wearing them, then you should know about some tools to clean your teeth with braces.

Cleaning tools for braces to take proper care of your teeth

Kinds of floss for your braces:

You will find wires on the braces that avoid the problem of traditional floss from getting into the gum line. This will help to clean in between your teeth where the bacteria and plaque gets trapped while you get used to wearing the braces.


This pre-cut floss consists of a plastic threader on the end which is quite easy to manoeuvre as it doesn’t need for threading a loop. The product is available with daily floss for narrow spaces and spongy area to clean the wider spaces.

GUM soft-picks

The interproximal flossers are usually made of soft and flexible rubber bristles that have a tapered design to fit easily in the surrounding areas formed with orthodontic devices.

Air or water flossers

These flosses don’t require traditional floss as air flossers and water flossers use water or air pressure to get rid of small food particles from the teeth. The process helps to massage your gum line and is extremely effective for using regular floss.

Floss threader

This plastic threader offers a loop where you can put the strand of floss between your teeth and gum line. You need to pull the threader all the way through for setting the floss so that it is ready to use. After doing some practice, you can use a floss threader in the perfect way.

Right toothbrushes for the braces

It is extremely important to purchase a brush that has been made to manage crevices and cracks that braces generally form. The braces have certain areas where food particles and plaque seem to hide easily which makes it the most appropriate cleaning tool for the braces.

  • An electric toothbrush having an ortho brush head

An electric toothbrush that has circular ortho brush is made to clean braces gently. Like the traditional brushes that are extremely hard on your braces, ortho brushes may travel gently around the brackets, wires and your gum line.

  • Interproximal Brush or proxy brush

A proxy brush is usually triangular shape and compact made to get in-between the gaps of your teeth. The bristles seem to be tapered pipe cleaner and are a suitable option for reaching under the braces. Proxy brushes are usually found in several sizes and very effective for brushing as well as flossing.

You may seek the advice of orthodontics at Harley Street in choosing the latest tool that would be suitable to take care of your teeth when wearing braces. This way, you can have a clean and healthy mouth and stay protected from unnecessary dental problems.