Everything You Should Know About All on Four Dental Implants Treatment Everything You Should Know About All on Four Dental Implants Treatment
Everything You Should Know About All on Four Dental Implants Treatment

Everything You Should Know About All on Four Dental Implants Treatment

All on 4 implant procedure is usually performed for patients who have already lost their teeth and are wearing dentures. The temporary teeth are fixed so that the patients remain free from their dentures on the implant placement day. Once the implants integrate with the bone and the healing period is over, the top quality and permanent titanium fixed bridge is fitted.

The treatment provides patients with a full arch or both arches of fixed replacement teeth. For patients who suffer from ill-fitting dentures or have failing teeth for several years, the provision of natural-looking teeth through implants can help to boost their self-esteem and overall appearance.

All-On-4 Dental Implant Procedure

It can be quite frightening to undergo an implant treatment for the first time. Check out our step-by-step process for getting an all-on-4 dental implant in a comfortable way. 

  • Firstly, the dentist will make you feel comfortable before giving you general anesthesia for the treatment.
  • Secondly, the surgeonwill prepare your mouth for the implants which involves removing the remaining teeth that might be failing. He will then remove the infected tissue from your gums and jaw.
  • Next, he will start with the implantation process which means inserting the titanium screws into the jawbone. He will be placing two implants towards the front of your mouth and two towards the back of your mouth so that the “anchors” may evenly uncover the pressure of the denture.
  • Once the implant is placed,he will clean the surgical sites thoroughly that suture all the incisions. Then, you will be taken to the recovery room where you can relax before waking up from the anesthesia. 

Benefit of all on 4 dental implants for patients who:

  • Are faced with a failing dentition due to poor bridgework or gum disease and the only option is to wear dentures.
  • Do not have gaps in their smile during the implant procedure.
  • Are presently wearing upper and/or lower dentures.
  • Cannot wear dentures.
  • Suffer from low self-confidence due to movement of dentures at the time of eating or speaking.
  • Feel restricted with the type of foods you can eat.
  • May require bone augmentation as all on 4 implants can usually eliminate the need for it.

How all-on-4 dental implants can restore your missing teeth

Dental implants are a suitable solution for replacing missing teeth as they are permanent and ensure to provide durability like your natural teeth. Just like conventional tooth replacement options, implants are anchored into the jawbone which offers a strong and root-like structural support for teeth replacement. 

All-on-4 dental implants are based on the same principle of dental implant to ensure stability and functionality. This provides an easy way to replace your teeth that are placed on the dental implants. Unlike removable dentures that may become lose or slip off on the gums, all on 4 overdentures are securely supported by 2-4 implants that are strategically placed into the jawbone to ensure maximum support and stability. This treatment is most effective when it comes to replacing your missing teeth and is a cost-effective option for everyone. 

Thus, if you lost teeth or want to remove teeth, then it is advised to talk to your dentist for all on 4 dental implants and enjoy all the benefits of the treatment at an affordable price.