6 Month Smiles 6 Month Smiles
6 Month Smiles

6 Month Smiles

Six-month smile has great benefits, and it is a common system used in Liverpool. Some patients are concerned about the pros and cons of this system, and that is why we put together this article to help them get things straight.

At Smile Works Dental, we have no commercial affiliations with any of the providers of braces systems and that makes us free to create clinical judgments on what we think is in the best interest of our patients.

We have seen every conceivable type of short term and conventional orthodontic treatments on hundreds of patients, so we know what we are talking about, and we can give you an even and unbiased review.

This will help you decide if this treatment is for you or not.

Table of contents

1.0 What is a six month smile?

2.0 What Is Short Term Orthodontics (STO)?

3.0 The Manufacturer’s Claims

3.1 Average treatment time of only six months

3.2 Our Lucid-Lok® clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires are barely visible

3.3 Use of braces have been shown to provide the most conservative and predictable results

3.4 Our patient tray kitsTM ensure that your appointments are comfortable and fast

3.5 Low forces and short term overall orthodontic treatment times increase hygiene, safety, and comfort

3.6 We’re typically less expensive than traditional braces, aligner therapy, or veneers.

4.0 Our Professional Review of Six Month Smiles

5.0 Who Is Suitable For 6 Month Smiles Or STO In General?

6.0 Is Six Month Smiles Right For Me?

What Is Six Month Smile?

Six months smiles® are braces that have clear brackets; they are used by general dentists and not orthodontists to align the front six teeth.

These braces are not suitable for complex cases, just simple cases, and it costs £2,150. It is highly effective for simple cases of misalignment, but the term “six months smile” is misleading because the teeth do not move faster.

Your dentist will only choose cases that can be completed in 6 months or less when using these braces.

Pros Cons

It is quick; it takes 2 to 9 months.

It is not quicker than any other short term orthodontic treatment (STO). The average treatment time is six months.

Discreet brackets

Clear brackets can easily come off the teeth, and this can cause problems.

Discreet white wires

This is only suitable for simple cases

It is inexpensive. It is the second cheapest treatment at our clinic

The wires can change colour on brushing

There is no need for an orthodontist

This treatment might not be suitable for you, as it is only used in simple cases.

Treatment can be longer than six months, and this can be contrary to the patient’s expectations.

What Is Short Term Orthodontics (STO)?

Six-month smiles are short term orthodontics; this means that your treatment is carried out by a general dentist and not an orthodontist — dentists can use it in correcting straight forward and simple cases. This means any type of dentist can use six-month smile braces, and it does not require the expertise of an orthodontist.

Also, an orthodontist will not have a reason to use a six-month smile because they can easily put the package together for you, using their well-honed skills.

The Manufacturer’s Claims

The manufacturers of six-month smiles claim they are an “innovative system” because of the following reasons.

  • Average treatment time of six months
  • They ensure that your appointments are comfortable and fast through the patient tray kits,
  • Use of braces have been shown to provide the most conservative and predictable results
  • The Lucid-Lok clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires are barely visible
  • Low forces and short term overall orthodontic treatment times increase hygiene, safety, and comfort
  • We are less expensive than traditional braces, aligner therapy, or veneers.

Our team of experts at smile works dentals have looked into these claims by the manufacturers on whether to agree with them or not. There is no mention of orthodontic extraction, and that is the sphere of orthodontics.

So, below are our thought and opinions on the claims made by the manufacturers above.


Average treatment time of only six months

The average time taken for this treatment is six months but many patients think that is the maximum treatment time. Some simple cases will take only two months while others can take up to 10 months.

The manufacturers have taken all the treatments and have come up with the average. There is a 50% chance that your case might take more than six months, especially if your case is not straight forward.

Six-month smile braces are not faster than other systems because the rate of the movement of the teeth does not depend on the type of braces or how frequently they adjust them, but they are only accelerated by setting limited goals and by choosing a less than satisfactory outcome.

The reason six-month smile braces take an average time of six months is because it deals with simple cases and not complex ones and there is no magic you can perform to move your teeth faster.

At our clinic, we offer 6MS and other systems that are similar to it — these systems are called short term orthodontics, and they are faster because they only move the set of teeth dentists call the “social six” which are the front teeth.

The Lucid-Lok clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires are barely visible

It is not easy to say the exact meaning of words like “invisible” or “barely visible”. So you can Google some pictures and judge for yourself.

We searched for pictures on Google and noticed that 6MS are less visible than the traditional metal braces and some people will not mind a mouth with metal because that is one of the most efficient ways to straighten your teeth.

So, it depends on you to consider them “barely visible”, and this depends on the level of discretion you are looking for and your personality.

In our opinion, Invisalign is the invisible braces system, and it can be fully described as ‘barely visible’ or ‘invisible’ than 6MS. Though a registered trademark, Lucid-Lok is just a type of ceramic brackets or tooth coloured bracket.

Other short term orthodontics has these as well, and if you want them as an added feature to your braces, they will cost a little extra. They are made of plastics and don’t stick to the teeth.

Inman aligner is another type of less-visible-than-metal braces system. It has a clear bar on the front teeth and lingual braces placed on the back of the teeth, and this makes it completely invisible.

The only disadvantage of lingual braces is that they are expensive because they are made of gold.

Use of braces have been shown to provide the most conservative and predictable results

Our team disagreed on this issue and what we think they are trying to say is that their braces are great and we agree with them on this.

They might also be trying to say that fixed braces are better than Invisalign and other removable retainers and aligners. It can be considered conservative because there is a low chance that a patient suitable for 6MS will need extractions.

Cases where extractions are needed are not suitable for 6MS. Also, 6MS should stop making outrageous claim to have a magical way of fixing a complicated work better in a more conservative way than other systems.

There are no magical conservative features here; it is just the mechanism of action of orthodontics. So, the statement above is a characteristic of short term orthodontic treatment and not unique to 6MS only.

However, you can judge this for yourself.

They ensure that your appointments are comfortable and fast through the patient tray kits,

Well, we unboxed one to have a look, and we all agreed on something, and what we agreed on is that there is nothing in there that is really super comfortable there. This is because they are just all the stuff your dentist need to fix your braces on.

Also, most of the things in there are for dentists, and you are not supposed to take them home. Although, there are some brace-wax stuff in there which dentists usually give to their patients with braces, but the rest is for professional use only.

Another way we looked at it is that a dentist has less training and less experience than an orthodontist, so it is an excellent idea to have everything in one place so that the dentist can do the job well and quick.

Low forces and an increase in hygiene, comfort and safety through short term overall orthodontic treatment times

Shorter cases have few chances of complications, and 6MS only works for simple and straight forward cases. So if yours is a straight forward case, you might need a low force and a six to nine months treatment for the job to be done.

There is nothing special about 6MS; it doesn’t move teeth in a unique way safer than other short term orthodontics (STO) or any other system. All STOs have these features, including conventional braces, you just have to use them correctly.

It is important to mention safety here because all orthodontic treatments have certain risks associated with them. One of these treatments with risks is root resorption; it is bad for the teeth by putting too much force on the teeth.

Despite this, we think it is misleading for the manufacturers of 6MS to claim that it is safer than other braces.

We are less expensive than traditional braces, aligner therapy, or veneers.

6MS is actually cheaper than a lot of braces, and the treatment price is from £2,150, and it is our second most affordable braces option, and it is tied with the other STO treatment Cfast.

Six Month Smile Cost

Six months smile costs are compared in the table below.

Braces systems (whitening included) Invisible? Costs (for upper and lower) Speed (months) Cases:
S=simple M=moderate D=difficult



From £2,500

Max £3,500


S, M


Discreet and removable

From £3,500

Max £4,000


S, M, D

Six-month smile

Discreet and tooth coloured brackets

From £2,150

Max £3,250





From £2,150

Max £3,250



Delta force


From £2,000

Max £3,500


S, M

Conventional braces


From £1,500

Max £4,000


S, M, D


Completely invisible

From £5,000

Max £8,000


S, M, D

Inman Aligner

No but removable

From £1,299

(one arch only)



The table above is a comparison of the costs of different types of braces.

6MS is an inexpensive, simple, straight forward, and nice treatment and the fact remains that all patients treated for 6MS are all simple cases and less work and less time were required for the dentist, and it also leads to fewer costs for the patients.

Our Professional Review of Six Month Smiles

In our opinion, 6MS is a good system, but there is nothing special that sets it apart from the rest of STO treatments which are also good systems.

We are not sure if we have seen any new innovation from 6MS, and it is typical of short term orthodontic systems to use registered trademarks all over the place.

The manufacturers of 6MS are just trying to convince dentists and patients that they have unique features that make them different.

Who Is Suitable For 6 Month Smiles Or STO In General?

This has to do with the choice of the patients. A lot of patients choose short term orthodontic treatment because of the advertisements and what they might have read or heard.

They read that these systems are the best, they straighten the front 6 teeth, and they are stronger, faster, better, and smarter than the rest. All the patients think about is their front 6 teeth and they forget that their back teeth are also crowded.

They don’t notice it because they don’t see it, so a good dentist will manage the expectations of the patients and choose a comprehensive product or send them to an orthodontist.

However, this hardly happens again as now it is common for dentists to treat all sorts of cases, including complicated ones with short term orthodontics and this does not give the perfect results.

This leads to unhappy outcomes and relapse, and this is the reason why you hear patients complain about short term orthodontic treatments. This is not good for both the dentist and the patient because the work will be doubled and time extended to have the desired result.

A complex case can be done in six months if the right orthodontic treatment is given, and if you are looking for a perfect result, then 6M is not for you.

But if you want an inexpensive and more-subtle-than-metal braces treatment, then you can go for 6MS or any other type of short term orthodontic treatment.

Is Six Month Smiles Right For Me?

You can know if 6MS is right for you without consulting with a dentist. When you meet a dentist or orthodontist, you will be assessed, and professional advice would be given to you on the best treatment options.

You should be aware of some things before choosing a dentist. Some dentists do not have the expertise of an orthodontist who is well-trained to handle all kinds of complicated cases. So, they only do six-month smiles.

This is a warning sign because a dentist who only uses one or two systems will tell you that you are suitable for one of these two systems even if you are not.

A ton of negative reviews from patients who have had this supports this claim. Also, choose a dental clinic that has both dentists and orthodontists in their team. This will help you get the best treatment, and you won’t end up complaining.

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